Project Description
A simple, but effective add in for Visual Studio 2010 so that you can search the web in a non intrusive way, and can filter results based on sources.

You can bring up Vingy either by clicking View->Other Windows –> Vingy Search Window from the Visual Studio IDE, or just by high lighting some text in the document and then clicking Tools –> Search Selected Text (Ctrl + 1).

Searching with Vingy is pretty straight forward. You can initiate a Search in two ways.
  • By typing the text in the Vingy search box and pressing ‘Enter’ or by clicking the ‘Go’ button
  • By highlighting some text in the editor when you type in Visual Studio, and then pressing Ctrl + 1

So, after installing Vingy, high light some text in your editor and press Ctrl + 1 to start searching.
You can use the Next and Previous buttons to browse through the results, and can click the Title of a result or the tiny ‘Open’ button to open the result in a full browser Window. Also, there is a progress ‘busy’ indicator to indicate if Vingy is busy.

Details Here

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